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How To Use Garment Metal Detector To Get Accurate Results?

Posted by Admin on February, 17, 2020

All the garments need to pass through the garment metal detector before they are packed in cartons and leave the factory of the owner. This is really important for garments that are exported to other countries like Japan, European countries and the American market. The detection is done in order to check whether there are any kind of undesirable metallic substances and broken needles embedded or leftover in the garment and accessories that are been manufactured in the seeing process.

These are important because they can cause bodily injuries to the people using these products. These are especially dangerous for children who are not able to protect themselves against any kind of danger.
However, there are several factors that can result in the inefficiency and inaccuracy of the process of detection. In this post, you will get to see the top two factors that can fail your garment detection.

The Process of Manufacturing

The manufacturing of the garments often involves several different technologies and ways that can convert your used raw materials into complete finished goods that can be worn. The garments metal detection can fail because of the special treatment that is done before or sometimes after the production which does not get disposed of the property.

Therefore, the detector will only respond to the following:

• Metallic debris which sometimes remains in the place where the sewing needle hit the zipper.

• The metal powder which adheres to the fabric of the garment during the process of sewing and manufacturing process.

• Certain types of chemical materials or substances that get stuck to the zippers or fabrics in the process of washing or other such processes that take place in the factory during production.

• Certain kinds of dyestuffs.

• Impurities of metal that stick to the garment and results from such substances that accompany the special process of stone wash.

The Needle Detectors

Most of the detectors these days are sensitive enough in order to ensure the accuracy of detection. However, there are different types of detectors that are inconsistent sensitivity of the detection unit as well as different directions and positions in which the needles pass through the detectors which will lead you to different sensitivity levels and results in detection differences.

If the garments being checked are placed in the part of that features extremely weak sensitivity or are extremely strong, or when the garments are being inspected are not placed within the area of detection where they should be, the heating result will not be accurate. In addition to that when magnetic substances, dust or stain adhere to the conveyor belt, the detector is sure to malfunction and result in a false alarm.

There are other factors as well like the broken needles, trimmings and garment accessories that can lead to the inaccuracy of the garment metal detector. In order to get the perfect results, one should make sure to check these factors before the test is done. Only then the garments can clear the test and will be ready to be packed and exported.

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