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The Working Mechanism Of A Metal Detecting System

Posted by Admin on December, 11, 2020

With rapid growth and development of technology, many things around us have got transformed. Just like computers and other gadgets have made the entire world a global platform, tech in military services has made the world safer. One of such great invention in the field of security service is metal detectors. It has been a device of great help as it helps by uncovering knives, guns and other such buried mines easily. These metal detectors make use of the principle of electromagnetism.

Working of the device:

Before starting with the working mechanism of these metal detecting systems, we need to first one what is an electromagnet. When a piece of iron is wrapped using metal wire and electricity is passed through it, the piece of iron starts acting like a magnet. Electromagnets are very strong and can easily attract large pieces of iron too. The concept of electricity and magnetism walk hand in hand. Electromagnets are used in several useful devices around us like wind turbines, washing machines, etc.

It can be said that when electricity is used to produce a magnetic effect, it is called electromagnetism. These metal detectors use electromagnets which makes use of electricity or battery to create a magnetic field. Now, these magnetic forces help in determining and detecting the presence of metal bodies nearby.

The power source of metal detectors:

There are many kinds of metal detectors like gravity feed metal detector and each one of it works in different ways. However, the basic science behind the working of all of them is similar. The metal detectors have wires coiled in it. A similar setting is found near the handle of the metal detector. Thus, forms the transmitter coil.

Now, when the switch of the detector is turned on, electricity starts flowing in the coil creates a magnetic field. Now, when the detector is swept over the ground or some item, with the help of a magnetic field, it feels the atoms of the metal object which is present in there.

Next, there is another magnetic field working in the detector. There is another coil which is coiled near the head of the detector. This receiver’s coil is connected to a loudspeaker. As soon as the first magnetic field detects the presence of the metal body, the second magnetic field results in the production of the beep sound. This is how the metal source gets its power supply and works.

There are many metal detecting system manufacturers in India who manufactures the best quality devices. These devices have been of great help and are now used commonly at every public place where the checking has been mandatory

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